Cubs Agree to $3.75M Deal with Top Pick Ed Howard

As first reported by The Bigs and subsequently confirmed by other outlets, the Cubs and No. 16 overall pick Ed Howard have agreed to a signing bonus of $3.7455 million. That seems like a bit of an odd number until you realize that it’s the exact slot value for the pick. Expect to see the Cubs’ other picks sign for right around slot as well.

Howard, who starred for Jackie Robinson West Little League before going on to Mt. Carmel High School, will remain at shortstop as he begins his professional development with the Cubs. That is likely to start in August, at which point he’ll work with hitting director Justin Stone to make the most of what are already some obvious offensive skills.

Though he’s best known for his smooth glove, hence the nickname “Silk,” Howard generates excellent exit velocity and could produce serious pop as he matures. The Cubs went big on players with loud tools, so now it’s a matter of putting faith in their staff to bring out the hone them over the next few seasons.

This kid is going to be really fun to watch once baseball starts back up.

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