Report: ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ for Brandon Morrow’s Return

Update: The Cubs have officially announced that Morrow has been shut down for the season.

Brandon Morrow’s rehab had gone pretty much according to plan, at least publicly, but the latest report isn’t so positive.

“If I was on, I would be reporting bad news re Brandon Morrow,” ESPN’s Jesse Rogers wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “Waiting for official word from Cubs but I would not hold you’re [sic] breathe [sic] if you’re a Cubs fan.”

He later issued another tweet with one of the errors amended, but the sentiment was the same.

Even with consistent progress that included a recent simulated game, Morrow has been nagged by lingering pain from a bone bruise in his right elbow. His effort level has been limited as a result and he has openly questioned his ability to pitch through the pain that could come from going all-out.

Still, there had been talk about activating Morrow this week and Theo Epstein even indicated that the hard-throwing righty could resume his closer role.

“If he comes back and he’s healthy and effective, we would certainly be open to [having him close again],” Epstein said Monday of Morrow’s immediate future. “We’re not there yet.”

From the sound of Rogers’ brief report, they may not be there at all this year.

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